Well, the identity of the guy who is said to have released Ashai’s video has been uncovered.

The guy was seen together with Aisha chopping love at the bath house right under the tap.

It is believed the video was leaked by the guy whose face wasn’t captured [the one who recorded the act] as a bait to always have his way with Aisha.

According to a friends narration, Aisha was enjoying some good time with her boyfriend when the boyfriend’s close friend walked into them. The boyfriend convinced her to allow the friend to also have s*x with her which she obliged.

The third guy suddenly came inside the room and revealed he has recorded everything and he will only not leak it if she allows him to also have her a taste of her ‘tonga’; she had no choice but to allow him.

And that is why we saw 3 guys chopping Aisha.

Check Photos Below!


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